Products: bio-methanol, oxygen and green hydrogen.

Founded in 2019 in Aix en Provence is 100% owned by Hy2gen AG, Germany.
Its business purpose is developing and producing green hydrogen and green fuels for the European market . Green hydrogen produced by Hy2gen France SAS by means of Alkaline electrolysis, polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) or pyrolysis.

Being located at the south of France means being able to supply the mobility and maritime sector to the whole Mediterranean area, an ideal location for establishing the green hydrogen productions due to the facts that the central and local governments strongly committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases by supporting hydrogen business, carbon free mobility and carbon reduction in the industrial sector.








I’m not concerned with what has been done.
I’m interested in what needs to be done.“

– Marie Curie (1867-1934)



Hydrogen provides the most flexible solution to replace fossil-based solutions in the maritime sector, especially as weight and range are important factors. Mediterianen Harbors have determined to take a pioneering position in supplying hydrogen-based solutions for CO2 free operations.


Road transportation requires to be decarbonized and French major cities already took decision to decrease the transportation CO2 emission. Hydrogen has a role to play in the heavy duty mobility as well as the interconnection with other areas/countries and the capacity of the French Regions in terms of renewable energy production means that hydrogen is a focus.

Combining maritime, industry and mobility needs will enable to create a complete network centred on local large scale green hydrogen production facilities and multimodal distribution.



In order to develop projects in local territories such as the French Mediterranean area, local SPVs will be created.
In the south of France, Hy2gen Med SAS will be created as a subsidiary of Hy2gen France, to support the development of local projects such as:



In collaboration with a photovoltaic developer OXYGN and the Photovoltaic operator, SOLARCENTURY,  HY2GEN FRANCE plans to build a 30 MW electrolysis plant in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, supplied with green electricity by solar panels via a direct purchase agreement (DPA).

This initiative makes direct and more global use of solar energy and local renewable energies sourced from the electricity grid to produce green hydrogen in industrial capacity, enabling a competitive price for hydrogen to be achieved and its marketing for land and sea mobility in the southeast quarter and, in the long term, a smart grid function: the possibility of storage to supplement the grid.

– Start of production 2022 to gradually reach its maximum in 2024 –

Link to the project website: www.sunrhyse.fr



 Construction of a renewable aviation fuel (E-Kerosene) production platform consisting of the integration of
– biomass gasification unit of 250 tons/day of wood;
– 100MW water electrolysis plant;
– E-Kerosene synthesis process.
– E-Methanol synthesis process.

The electrolysis unit, powered by local green electricity to produce green hydrogen (H2) which, combined with syngas (CO/H2) from gasification, will enable the production of E-Kerosene on an industrial scale compatible with the decarbonisation challenges of the aviation sector. 


Electrolysis: 100 MW
Renewable power: 835.000 MWh/year
Biomass feedstock: 250 tons/day
SAF production: 100.000 liters/day
Biomethanol prod.: 100.000 liters/day



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New Investor

New Investor

Hy2gen AG, which specializes in green hydrogen production, welcomes Trafigura as its new shareholder

Hy2gen AG, a start-up from the Stuttgart region created to build green hydrogen production facilities, has completed a further financing round. Trafigura, a market leader in the global commodities industry has become a shareholder and joined the board of the company. The new investment will enhance Hy2gen AG’s business development capabilities and support the development of new production sites.



Québec City, Québec, Canada, November 20, 2019 – Greenfield Global Inc., Canada’s largest ethanol producer, and Hy2gen Canada, the first mover for commercial production and distribution of green hydrogen, announced today their intention to create a joint venture that will develop and operate a facility in Varennes (Québec) for industrial-scale production of green hydrogen and other zero-carbon energy products. The companies are completing conditions and terms with Greenfield Global and H2yGen each owning 50 percent, and its governance will be composed of representatives from both companies.



Une entreprise européenne souhaite construire une centrale de production industrielle d’hydrogène à Varennes, un projet qui risque d’attirer l’attention de Québec où le gouvernement a débloqué des fonds l’an dernier pour développer la filière.



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