European Clean Hydrogen Alliance selected Hy2gen AG to be member of its Rountable

Cyril Dufau-Sansot  – the CEO of Hy2gen AG was nominated  as member of the Hydrogen Alliance Roundtable for Hydrogen producers. The roundtables have six thematic working groups responsible for developing pipeline of scale-up and interdependent projects and the investment agenda. Theese projects´ focus can be electrolysers, solar/wind/hydro, plant engineering, equipment, materials, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and pyrolysis. When relevant to their mission, they may also flag obstacles and bottlenecks for the upscaling of hydrogen related-sectors, provide input to the work on regulations, standardisation, research and innovation priorities.

The six roundtables cover all aspects of the hydrogen value chain, from production to end use. The overall facilitation of the different roundtables’ activities is supported by Hydrogen Europe.

The European Commission has announced yesterday the appointed co-chairs and members of the six European Clean Hydrogen Alliance Roundtables.
As a member European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Hy2gen AG is honoured to be participate in the roundtables and congratulates the appointed co-chairs and selected applicants.




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