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Applying for a position


Hy2gen Group seeks to recruit staff from a wide range of backgrounds, and with diverse experience, language and expertise. We are committed to matching the best candidate to each role though a thorough review of all application. On average, our recruitment process takes about 12 weeks between publication time and the date when the selected candidate is expected to start.



Our recruitment principles:


For each post, we seek to recruit the strongest candidate, who will meet the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity.


We select on the strength of candidates’ qualification, experience and demonstrate competences for the job.


We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all candidates who meet the minimum requirements, irrespective of gender, racial, ethnic or social origin, color, religion or sexual orientation.

How to apply

Please apply directly online. 

  Send your application in English
  Don’t apply by post.

How do you know if a deadline has passed?

If a position is still listed on our website, we will accept applications. Once the position is filled, we will take it off our website. All candidates who apply will be notified.


The next steps

  1. Once you have applied online, you will receive an email within 2-4 weeks. This will let you know if you have been selected for the next round or if you have not been shortlisted.
  2. If you have been shortlisted, the next step is a video interview, and you will receive all instructions by email. The questions are focused on your interest in Hy2gen and your understanding of the role you have applied for.
  3. If that goes well, you will be shortlisted for a conversation with the selection panel. This is a 90-minutes video or face-to-face interview which include several components:

– Panel interview with 3-4 internal stakeholders
– Informal conversation with potential team members to talk about daily tasks and expectations.
– In-depth conversation with the hiring manager.
– Depending on the seniority of the role, there may also be an interview with a member of the Board of Directors.

4. Approximatively 2-3 weeks after this 90-minutes video or face-to-face interview – sometime sooner – we will let candidates know the result and if they are being offered a role.

Unsolicited application

If you’re interested in seeking employment at Hy2gen AG or any of its daughter companies, keep an eye open for our vacancy announcements or send us an unsolicited application.

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