Founded in 2018 in Montreal, Canada and is 100% owned by Hy2gen AG, Germany.
Its business purpose is developing and operating companies (>650 MW) producing green hydrogen and hydrogen-based feedstock such as oxygen, bio-methanol and bio-methane. Green hydrogen produced by Hy2gen AG by means of Alkaline electrolysis or polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM).

Canada is an ideal location for establishing the first Hy2gen’s carbon free hydrogen productions in North America due to the facts that the central and local governments strongly committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases by supporting hydrogen business, carbon free mobility and carbon reduction in the industrial sector. Additionally, Québec offers 100% green energy resulting from hydro power at the required level and the production plants are suitable for Canadian and North America markets.

I’m not concerned with what has been done.
I’m interested in what needs to be done.“

– Marie Curie (1867-1934)



CO2-free  production enables companies to save costs on CO2-fees and certificates. Carbon free hydrogen enables companies to support fight against climate change without additional investment needs.


Canada faces a challenge in finding significant emissions reduction opportunities. As its electricity supply is already largely decarbonised, the transportation sector must supply a substantial proportion of emissions cuts.

Hydrogen will have a key role to play in decarbonising transportation. There are practical limits on the use of electricity and biofuel, so fuel cell vehicles are considered the best solution for at least 50% of Canada’s passenger transportation.



Four large scale projects under development, additional projects ramping up:



Greenfield Global Inc, a leading Canadian ethanol producer, and Hy2gen Canada Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the green hydrogen producer Hy2gen AG) have joined to create the HENERGIA JV an important Quebec-based project to produce bio-methanol by reacting green hydrogen made with electrolysis with biogenic, carbon neutral CO2 derived from Greenfield’s ethanol fermentation process.

Construction of a biomethanol production platform using 39 metric tonnes (MT) per day of green hydrogen generated by hydropower operated by Hydro-Quebec and 300 MT per day of carbon-neutral CO2 from Greenfield’s ethanol plant to produce 75,000 MT per year of biomethanol.


 105,000MT of biogenic CO2 transformed each year
 75,000MT of biomethanol produced each year
 450,000M3 of RNG injected into Quebec’s naturalgas system each year
 450MT per year of Green Hydrogen delivered through a network of local fuelling stations 

– Start of production in 2024 –




Construction of a green ammonia production platform using 3.2 metric tonnes (MT) per hour
of green hydrogen generated by 200MW hydropower.

  • The Project will be constructed over a 30 month period starting in 2022 for commencement of operations in 2025
  • The electrolysis unit will be powered by hydro-electricity to produce green hydrogen.
  • Nitrogen will be catched from the air thanks to Air Separation Unit (ASU) power with hydro-electricity
  • Ammonia will be shipped from a deep sea harbor on the eastcoast of Canada


– 173,000 MT of green ammonia produced each year
– 210MW global power requirement – 1.7 TWh p.a. energy consumption.

– Start of production is in 2025 –


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MoU Ammonia

MoU Ammonia

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H2 Forum

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New Investor

New Investor

Hy2gen AG, which specializes in green hydrogen production, welcomes Trafigura as its new shareholder Hy2gen AG, a start-up from the Stuttgart region created to build green hydrogen production facilities, has completed a further financing round. Trafigura, a market...



Greenfield Global Inc. and Hy2Gen Canada Announce a Joint Venture to Produce Green Hydrogen in Québec The partnership will use the strengths of both companies to produce and deploy 100 percent carbon-free green hydrogen in the Greater Montréal area as well as...



Une société européenne veut produire de l’hydrogène à Varennes  François Desjardins | 25. May 2019   Une entreprise européenne souhaite construire une centrale de production industrielle d’hydrogène à Varennes, un projet qui risque d’attirer l’attention de Québec...



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